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Construction Update: Health and Safety-GableCraft Homes at Royal Bay

With the recent impact that the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has had, we recognize that it remains a primary focus for people everywhere. The safety of our community of residents, employees and trade contractors are our top priority. We are taking measures to ensure we are following best practices.

Construction Update:Health and Safety-GableCraft Homes at Royal Bay

Health and safety is always a top priority at our construction sites. As we adapt our practices to respond to the COVID-19 protocols, we are heeding the guidance of Provincial health officials. Here's what we're doing on our construction sites in response.

Royal Bay Built: February

Royal Bay Built is your monthly update about what's being built in this beautiful seaside community. During the month of February, the team at Royal Bay worked on upgrades to Metchosin Road and Meadow Park.

Family Day in Colwood

Family Day is the perfect time to take a step back from busy everyday life and focus on making memories with the ones you love most. Where better to do it than the West Shore?

Royal Bay Built: Undeterred by Old Man Winter

The team at Royal Bay was barely deterred by the January weather, and still made plenty of progress on new homes for future residents, and on natural amenities for all Royal Bay-ites.

Family Dog Day at Royal Bay

Woof! I'm paw-sitively going mutts about the next community event at Royal Bay! On Family Day, February 17th from 10a.m. to noon, get ready to raise the ruff with your family's fur-ever friend.

New Year's Resolutions in Colwood

It's the time of year to commit to your 2020 resolutions, and the place to do it is in Colwood.

Construction @ Royal Bay: Pedestrian Paradise

During the week of Friday, December 20th, the team at Royal Bay worked on several projects to improve the pedestrian experience.

Update: GableCraft Homes at Royal Bay

Over 200 GableCraft Homes are now occupied at Royal Bay, and the community will continue to grow into 2020 with new single family and townhouse offerings.

Hidden Treasures

Fun facts from the Royal Bay community and beyond.

Update: Perimeter Path

New segments of walking trail have been completed in Royal Bay, connecting the community even more.

Metchosin Bike Lanes

700 meters of new bike lane is now available for use down Metchosin Road.